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   20.05.16 20:26
    In euer Stadt gibt es ei
   20.05.16 20:26
    In euer Stadt gibt es ei
   20.05.16 20:26
    In euer Stadt gibt es ei
   20.05.16 20:26
    In euer Stadt gibt es ei

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Candle tornado. The track has a vivid emotional mystical hue due to the use of a specific musical instrument resembling an electronic harpsichord.Mirror of chaos. Slow and smooth ambient track, the impression of immersion in the fantastic atmosphere of the other world.A point to nowhere. Smooth entry pad creates the necessary emotional background. Bright repetitive melody throughout the track has a hypnotic effect and firmly fixed in the subconscious.Episode 3. This slow instrumental track made ​​in cinematic style and full panoramic sound effects. Optimal for scoring fantastic or mystical video.The wind become stronger. Cruel and biting wind of the uninhabited expanses of Siberia, seeks to transform a living creature in a block of ice, resisting attempts to break the sacred harmony, and discover the secret of which was previously inviolable.Impulse of silence. Soft and mesmerizing track slowly flowing like a stream of viscous air. Ethnic drums and electronic simulation of votes in the background create a sense of the mystical ritual and contact with the other world. The reality is mixed with visions, taking consciousness into the distance......
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Anonym (20.5.16 20:26)
In euer Stadt gibt es ein Gebäude wo es spucken soll bitte besucht das Gebäude mal bitte und filmt es mal mit
Das Gebäude liegt 10 km von dem Schwimmbad entfernt...
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